Lure of Soma - Revised edition

Derwent Walk.  Oil on wood panel

The Fall of Shuruppak

The Retribution

There lived a people 5000 years ago in the north-west of what is present day India and Pakistan who form the basis of all Indians worldwide

Bamburgh Castle walk.  Oil on wood panel. 60 by 40 cms


Shankar Kashyap

Autumn sunrise.  Oil on wood panel

A Kangaroo Court

Hibiscus.  Oil on Wood panel. 30 by 30 cms

St Mary's Island. Oil on canvas. 60 by 40 cms

Sli Train.  Oil on canvas. 100 by 50 cms

Lady in Red

Black beauty.  Oil on wood panel.  30 by 30 cms

Moonlight vigil.  Oil on wood panel. 60 by 40 cms

Harappan Civilisation

Reflections: Oil on Wooden Panel. 30 by 40 cms